Chip not detected at first use

First sorry for my english because i am a french man and i use google translat to write you. I purchased a xNTi kit [xNT NFC Tag] on February 11, 2017.
I am going to a piercing specialist to get it implanted. After the implant I waited 48 hours before using the Dangerous NFC application for the first use.

My phone never detected the chip. I use a Samasung Galaxy Note 4 and I already use the NFC function on other tag.

My chip is in my right hand and I can feel it and see it.

can you help me ?

Thank you


First, have you reviewed the “Practical read range/performance expectation” section on the xNT product page? If not, you should definitely review that section. It talks about how to find the “sweet spot” of your phone and what to expect when it comes to performance with phones and readers.

The next thing you might consider is getting an xLED-HF so you can test your phone and more easily find the sweet spot using the xLED.

Finally, if you want good performance similar to NFC labels or stickers, try the flexNT.

Thank you for your reply.
Following your recommendation, I ordered the xLED Field Tester 13.56MHz that I received today
The “sweet spot” test is functional.
After that I test on my chip with the app (Dangerous NFC) is nothing
My chip is not detected.

The Note 4 is very difficult for many to use with the xNT.

Now that the swelling has gone down, can you press your finger into the location to feel the chip under your skin? It should be just under the skin and easily detectable with your finger.

Yes, I fell my xNT very well, we can see it under my skin.
Maybe the travel have been damaging the xNT?
I have friends who’s buy they chip on DigiWell a german distributor.
Their chip are detect by our phone’s. They can use their chip normally, their don’t have problems with it.
How can do?

If it passed the sweet spot test, is it possible it was implanted to deep or anything like that? Maybe try it with a different phone that may have a better NFC range? Just to see if that helps? If it fails with all phones, maybe the implant is damaged? Can you get a read from any device?