Chip too close to Bone?

Hi all

I was wondering if any of you helpful bunch could give me your opinion wheter my NEXT Chip is too close to the bone. When it was installed id seemed fine but now it feels and looks like its very close to a bone. Will this increase the risk of the Chip breaking? Should i take it out and re-install it?

As usual i have attached a professional and very accurate drawing of the issue.

Yes & no.

My chip is probably even closer, I do not care too much. At some point I’ll remove it to make room for upgrades anyways. I do not think it’s too risky, you’d have to do weird things to your hand for this to become a problem. But if you don’t feel confident go ahead, reinstall and use vitamins + toothsticks and tape this time to keep it in place.

Almost like an xray!


Don’t sweat it. Two of my early glassies have migrated so close to the metacarpals between my thumb and my index finger that they’re almost touching them, and they’ve been doing just fine despite some pretty heavy blows.

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My xNT has also migrated to my bone and is a mere millimeters from the bone. (Between thumb and index finger webbing)

I had the same worries as you but i had 0 problems

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I’ve had an RFID implant in L8 off to the side near my first finger for over 11 years now and it’s still doing fine. I just got an xG3 v2 in the tip of that finger which is also pretty close to the bone but it’s doing great so far.


What does the 3x13mm feel like in the tip of your finger? I imagine that’s huge…

I honestly don’t notice most of the time but then again I have huge hands. It’s off to the side so when I grip things it kind of squishes into the meat of my finger. Even when I try to press it directly into the bone there’s enough cushion so it doesn’t hurt.