Chlorhexidine question

Should the chlorhexidine Flex implants come sloshing in be washed off with saline before implanting the device? I’ve been wondering if the stuff might be irritant and make the swelling worse.


not really… the alcohol will evaporate off and what little chlorhex molecules are left on the surface will be useful in killing off any bugs that might have fallen onto the surface while out in the open. In the time of covid-19 it is obvious your pro should be wearing a mask, but I’ve definitely seen some working without them… actively speaking and breathing downward through their noses overtop of their work area… not great.

Overall, the amount of chlorhex left on the surface may kill off a few cells here and there, but compared to the number you just killed dragging a scalpel blade through their fragile membranes… probably nothing to sweat about.

Okay thank.

Eww… I would think it’d be advisable to wear a mask regardless of COVID-19.

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Oh it’s advisable all right. Advice followed? Not universally.