Clarity on Implants

Hello everybody!
I’m super new to all of this and just kinda wanted some clarification on this subject. I’ve been looking at the NeXT and was wondering is that multi purpose? Like can I use that one to get into my house, computer, start my car and get into my work building if I wanted to? I’ve been doing some research and looking through as much of the forums to try and answer it myself lol. Any answers and knowledge from you gods would be much appreciated!
Thanks in advance :smiley:

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Hmmmmm, Our definitions may be slightly different :wink:

However, You are definitely on the right track.

Very short answer is


A little longer


Expanded answer


Good choice for a first implant

Yes it is, it is a 2in1 implant, with, broadly speaking 4 Purposes

  1. LF Chip UID
  2. LF Chip than can emulate most LF “modes” EM41xx, EM4200, HID ProxCards, Indala…
  3. HF Chip UID
  4. HF Chip that you can write NDEF info to via NFC ( Likely Your phone )

Yes (possible, but will depend on the lock you have / want)

Yes a few ways you can do that

Yes it is possible, Easy if you know what you are doing, A bit more involved if you dont.
FYI Starting and unlocking / locking your car are two different things, but the same answer applies

Depends on the system,
Let us know what system it is running
Take a photo of the reader(s)
Take a photo of the card/fob
TRY and read it with
How to share NFC chip data via TagInfo app

Have a look in the Wiki section and faq section, most of the answers you seek, you shall find there. ( Then come back and ask specific questions )


Here is a starter for you

Happy reading :open_book:


Thank you so much! I can’t believe I read 40 threads in 11m if that’s accurate, I knew I read fast not that fast :sweat_smile: thanks again for you’re knowledge, you’re a God!