Clone em410x tag with pm3 easy

Ok so now try to write with a clone command

nothing happens

If you’d like to try doing a remote session we can see if your t5577 is recoverable…

Yes pls. how do we solve it in the best way? should I open up an ssh connection

Is that the latest version of iceman on your PM3 easy? If so, I believe they changed the command adding a (-) before the p.

Example: lf t55xx detect -p 12345678

Try that command with your different cloner passwords and see if anything happens.


@amal I have sent ssh account details to you And put the antenna.

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I just SSH’d to the machine and the firmware is compiled for an RDV4 not the PM3OTHER version… that could definitely be causing some problems.


now i have upgraded the firmware

Hi Jens,

I had the same problem and the same password :slight_smile: on the Chinese cloner .
Follow this step and it will work Proxmark 3 - Manually setting and removing passwords on T55xx chips

lf t55xx detect -p 19920427

lf t55xx write -b 0 -d 00107060 -p 19920427 etc …