Clone hid "idc20-125"?

Our DataCenter uses hid “idc20-125”. Are these clonable to an implant? If so which is the best model to get and use?

I’ve just spent a bit of time looking in to this. My answer is maybe? with a big ?. Any documentation regarding the standard is almost non existent.

Your best bet would be to find someone with a Proxmark3, some spare blank T5577 cards or keyfobs and get them to try cloning it. If it works you can use the xEM implant.

I’ll try and get one of these cards from ebay and test it. Watch this space!

Wait wait wait!!! I think It’s just a 125khz HID indala encoding formatted to 26bit wiegand. Should be able to clone it to an xEM.

The only genuine pre-programmed cards that I can find online are en-bulk from HID global wholesalers - so I can’t get a card to test with unless someone is willing to send one.

If your cards are formatted the same as these - I expect they are:

Then you can clone to the xEM - even if the formatting is not 26bit there is plenty of free space in the xem and it should work.

Turns out, these can be cloned super easy. lf search, lf hid clone tagnumber, done.
Thank You All!