Clone uid from Xsiid to ntag215

I have my login on my windows pc set to my Xsiid and using the kbr1 to scan works awesome.
My wife wants to be able to login so I tried cloning my Xsiid onto a blank nfc card (ntag215) but it doesn’t clone the serial number. I was using NFC tools pro to clone.
I also have a flipper zero and when I read my Xsiid or the ntag there is no option to write.
I also have a pm3 but dont really know how to use it.
Anyone know how to help me or is it not possible?
or any other suggestions would help.


I’ll attempt to further answer your questions, but first, (to save me time and make your life easier)
Why cant you just add her as another user profile on the same computer?


nogrules = xSIID
wifey = NTAG215

IF you get stuck with using it
The forum has a pretty good search function,

If you have no luck, just ask, and there will be somebody that can likely help you out

Lol I never thought of that. Yes that would be the easiest way to do it. I will do that but is the other way possible? If it is it would make a good learning lesson lol

Fair enough

Where you say “NFC”, we all know what you mean
but since you asked for learnings

Where you say “serial number” we know what you mean
but since you asked for learnings
We would say UID (Unique Identification)
and some instances NUID (Non-Unique Identification) explained shortly

Most HF chips cant have their UID altered, so in those instances, you would have to look at enrolling the chip (as above with you PC login)

Some chips we refer to as “Magic” chips, these give you the ability to change their UIDs

one of OUR most popular is the MAGIC Mifare Classic 1k as seen in the xM1 , FlexM1 etc

They are able to emulate Mifare Classic cards, that, due to their 4 byte UID, and their popularity, their sheer numbers mean they are actually a NUID, because the UIDS rolled over and have been reused.

These chips were “cracked” and now Magic versions exist that we can change the NUID on.

You could use one of those (cheap and readily available), but the last little problem for you is,
The Magic Mifare Classic 1k card is a 4byte NUID, your xSIID will be 7 byte, so that would be an issue with the password.
You can get 7 byte changeable UID and NUID cards, they are just much less common and more expensive than the 4bytes.

Great tool, but it just wont do what you want in this instance.

If you went down the Mifare path, and didnt want to use your PM3, you would be better off using MCT app, It is great for…
Actually, that is probably enough learnings for today

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Wow thanks for all the info. Time to hit the books and do some learning. Thank you for taking the time to explain it all. Im sure I’ll come up with more questions than answers lol.

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