Cloning access card

I have a access card I wish to clone to my NExT implant, but starting to doubt if it is possible.
I was able to clone the card (ISO14443A chip) to another card and fob with the PX3.
However I am not able to write the hml file to the NExt. I tried " hf mf cload -f hf-mf-XX-dump-10.hml"
Then I gett
loaded 1024 bytes from text file hf-mf-XX-dump-10.eml
Copying to magic gen1a card
[=] .[#] wupC1 error
[!] Can’t set magic card block: 0

Is there any hope of copying the card, or do i need a chip with writable block 0?

You can’t change the UID on the HF side of the Next, unfortunately.


It looks like you will need to get yourself an xM1, FlexM1, FlexMT, FlexMN or Magic Ring


Ok, probably need a new implant possibly(it has always been the plan :slightly_smiling_face: )
I still need too learn more about this, but what is the different with my card and NExT?
They both run the ISO14443A chip it seems, anybody willing to explain/refer to a post? :smiley:

In short, ISO14443A is like the telephone line used to communicate… but that’s it. So the NExT and your Mifare card can both “talk to the reader”… but what is being said makes no sense to your NExT chip (NTAG216). Basically your card has a totally different memory structure and set of features than the NTAG216 chip in the NExT does.


My mind immediately went to…