Cloning card to next

Hello! I have a NExT implant and I am wanting to clone a card (+ potentially a fob) to it. For the card it is a student ID that says HID0009P and for the fob, it says nothing at all… The HID cards reader is a multiClass SE. When I shined a light through the HID card, I saw a darker rectangle around the card. Does that mean it is a 13.5 Mhz card? I would guess the apt access fob is 125 khz, but honestly have no way to know. Would the proxmark3 easy be able to do this for me? Also, does it come with Iceman already flashed on it ready to go? Lastly, is it realistic that I could do this given I am above an average person in terms of computer literacy, but am certainly still highly unskilled in the field?

Also, could I accidentally brick my actual card and fob by trying to clone it?

Highly likely, but not certain

Yes it could

To narrow it down, scan it with TagInfo, if it doesnt read, then PROBABLY 125kHz.

Yes, but might need an update, however, you’ll still need to set up the environment on your computer

You’d have to really try hard…

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I really appreciate all this info, I’ll get reading!

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Challenge accepted :rofl:

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