Cloning HID Prox ID _Work Bldg card

Ok, so here’s what i am doing…
I have a NeXT implant, I am trying to clone my Work bldg Management by a lanlord… card to it…
My work card is a LF HID PROX ID according to the search command
i have already cloned the HID RAW information to my NeXT and when i read the Implant and my work card they are IDENTICAL!
i was able to add the card number to my Home, and my office access systems, and it works perfectly, HOWEVER< when i try to use my implant on my work BLDG it beeps, but doesnt open the door…
i was checking my reads, i noticed that when i do a LF search, it comes back with Chipset EM4x05/EM4x69
try using lf em 4x05
I did that, and noticed when i do a lf em 4x05 read -a1
it does in fact have an address in slot 1
MY implant does NOT, so i attempted to write the Address to my implant, i tried it several times, and tried reading it, and it comes back and says no answer from tag
this is driving me nuts, what am i missing, please help

Try a diagnostic card on the reader. If the reader is dual frequency then the next could be confusing it.

Ah interesting, ok ill have to do that next Wednesday, is there nothing i need to do with the programming of the Address in slot 1 on the 4x05 ?
i mean i do see a hex code in the slot 1 on the card i got from my bldg, but i do not see that on my next and for some reason i cant program that code

Whilst you wait for Wednesday to rock around…

Is your issue similar to what is discussed in this thread?

You HIT the nail on the head!
it was in fact a Dual freq reader, never came across those before…
Ok, NO i have another question, i think i convinced the Landlord to add my HF card…
The only problem is I’ve never used the HF part of my implant for anything.
I have a Proxmark3 and i cant seem to get it to read my HF part for the chip., i know what side of my implant is the HF, i just cant get the placement right on the PM3, can anyone advise me how and where i need to place my HF part of my implant to read it, and get the CODE for it, so i can give it to my BLDG manager and have him ADD that card in, since the HF reader is taking the read over the LF, ill just have them ADD MY HF card…

my guess is, you are trying to use common sense.

However, that’s probably what has caught you out.

The HF antenna is actually on the Bottom.

Watch Amals video to see what I mean…
you are looking at about the 1min mark

let us know how that goes, if it doesn’t work we can give you some other things to try.

Me personally, I would just use TagInfo to get the UID to give to your building manager.

and by watching you are adding to View time of Dt videos

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I am sorry to hear it. I am aware that they exist, usually so that companies can switch from one to the other without having to replace all of their old passes.

If you can get the building manager to help then he might be able to check the logs for when you scan so that he can just add what he sees.

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@Pilgrimsmaster HA! you are 10000% correct! LOL
it was a real Palm to Face moment, when i watched the video! LOL
thank you.
i am a little curious, Im NOT familar with the Coding of HF cards, i’ve actually never used any HF systems
I have a UID, ATQA, SAK
i’m assuming its the UID field, is it just all the bits.
ANd i saw what you wrote about taginfo, i immediately downloaded it, to play with it however i have an iphone, and it seems limited, i also DONT know if i can read HF tags with an iPhone :slight_smile:

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Yeah absoluetly, i have the Bldg Manager’s ear, i’m hoping if i can get the correct code i can send it to him
I dont know when ill be back there to “Scan it” in their system…
but i want to strike while i have his ear,


no probs,

what iPhone version do you have?
Most newer ones do.
The antenna is along the top edge

Here’s the :how to: video

TagInfo :logo_nxp_taginfo: is in my opinion the best app for identifying Chipsets, especially when they are made by :logo_nxp:

NFC Tools :nfc_tools: is good at other functions, but chip ID is not always the most reliable

:logo_nxp: equivalent is TagWriter