Cloning Paradox Card to NExT

Hey all,

I’m fairly new to the Cyborg life, and need some assistance… My workplace uses Paradox cards. With my flipper and my PM3, I’m able to scan and emulate my badge with no issues at all. After lots of attempts, I can’t get my flipper to write to my NeXT. As for the PM3, I can get it to write to my chip, but when I re-scan my chip to validate the clone, it shows up as an HID Prox card with completely different data… I have no idea what I’m doing wrong, and would love some tips to point me in the right direction…

Original Card Scan:

Chip scanned after clone attempt:



Without being able to see your clone command or the id being cloned I can only guess that is a coupling issue and the clone is not writing successfully.

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Sorry, I’m a little paranoid about security xD And by coupling issue, do you mean the placement of my chip on the PM3 isn’t in the best spot?


What command did you run to do the cloning?

lf paradox clone --raw 0f555555599a6669aa566aaa

I also tried to write the first three blocks individually. Got the same results.

effectively yes, thats what he meant.

Your communication channel between implant and reader needs to be good or you will likely get noise which often returns with Indala type results.

Try running an
lf tune
then move your hand around perpendicular to the antenna, you are looking for the position where the voltage drops to its lowest (therefore the best coupling)
mm can matter.
Learn this position and try to replicate it every time you read/write with your PM3

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Roger that. I’ve fiddled with it for quite some time, and it seems the best “tuning” i can get is somwhere around 22000-23000, which doesn’t seem very good cause when my chip is nowhere near it, It’s around 24000. When I put another lf card on it, it drops substantially to around 17000.

Can you post a full dump of the t5577 blocks? Paradox cloning is really touchy for some reason.

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Yep that’s normal… a drop of 1000mv is pretty good for x-series

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Good to know! Thank you for the info. I’ll keep making small adjustments to my placement to see if I can get a proper write/clone after all.

@scorpion Ill grab that when I’m back home this evening. Yeah, from what I’ve read, paradox is pretty tough to get right. Then even after you do, some of their readers aren’t high power to deliver to the chip to get a successful scan :sweat_smile:

Here’s the full dump of the badge.

Then after cloning to the chip using the raw data, this is the raw dump of it:

Also @amal I mis-remembered the numbers from when I did a tune last night… With nothing near the PM3 during a tune, it sits around 24500, and when I move my chip around the LF antenna, it only drops to about 24200-24300.

For one, yeah that is messed up. For two, your working badge is a t5577, that is interesting.

Try doing lf t5 restore using the dump of your working badge, on to your target badge.

That’s more in line with what I’d expect honestly.

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To be clear… do the dump on your badge… looks like you could mess it up if it’s an open t5577

So I did the dump of my original badge, then did a restore of that dump file to my chip. Here’s the results: