Common questions for first time implant

Hello community, I would like to ask a few questions regarding ones first implant. I’m going to be getting the NExT implant next month and believe there will be many people with the same questions.

1.) What is the irritation under the skin like? I’ve read that it could last up to two years or so, does it feel like an itch? Does it feel like a sliver inside of the body? How long does it take to make it feel comfortable and natural? I’m sure it’s different for everyone, but please share what the “feeling” is like and how long does it last from your personal experience. Taking prenatal vitamins will help but should one take prenatal vitamins for the whole 2 years until it feels natural or just for the first month or so?

2.) How is it when massaging ones hands? I massage my hands quite often and go to get massages and acupuncture regularly… would this interfere with the therapist massaging the area of implant?

3.) Is it possible to “brick” the chip? Is there a way to render the chip useless by writing to it improperly? What steps should one take when writing to avoid improperly writing? Delete the previous write first, then write to it on a clean memory?.. or is writing over it just as good?

I love how supportive this community is, how everybody shares projects and is genuinely there for each other. It’s a beautiful thing and I can’t wait to be a part of this community.

Thank you all and especially the master himself, Amal! <3

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Can’t speak on 1 or 2 but can add some insight into 3. The main and only really unfixable way to brick these is if you wind up setting the lock bits on accident with whatever program or device you are using to write to the chip. This is pretty easily avoided by essentially locking the lock bits. This can be done using the Dangerous NFC app on android.

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I’ve not read anything about 2 years,
I’ve got 10 in my left hand/wrist/arm
None of which are even 1 year old and they feel totally fine

They will feel puffy for a week or 3, then feel mildly foreign for a few more, whether that’s just you getting used to a new part of yourself, or the long term stabilization I’m not sure

2-3 months you shouldn’t even give it a second thought

(Flex’s will be longer, or at least my only flex did; about 6 months later and it now feels utterly at peace)

Not really, but I do get a couple itch’s now and then on each implant… but that is very likely and possibly psychosomatic… generating an itch in my brain by thinking about them or something… not anything to worry about,

I don’t know how to describe the feeling of a month old implant… it’s not painful, maybe like what a burn feels like a week or 2 afterwards… it’s 95% healed, but it’s not happy with you and holding a grudge

Kinda raw on the inside? kinda sensory adjustment to the “new normal”

I’m talking like, consciously poking it and examining how it feels to you… you won’t notice it if your doing something… unless you Wack it on something, a bit more twingy as it’s new… but wacking it on something will always be a smidge twingy

First, lol they might hate you if they are weirded out by it like my partner, she wigs out and flaps autisticly if she happens to kneed one of my implants on accident… which I would never help happen :wink:

It’s “possible” for them to massage it out of location and break its pocket… but it takes some serious trying, I can’t speak to how hard they are massaging your hands but you’ll feel some pain or discomfort if someone wrench’s on it before it causes problems

It’s pretty much a non issue, give it a month or 2 off of hand massages maybe… and then ease into it?

And everyone’s bodies and pain tolerance varies, some people tend to have more or less migration than others


Thank you so much, you’ve given great information - I’m super excited!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

You mentioned a NExT implant,
Do you know which location / where you want to implant it?

So you have any planned uses for it yet?

I’m going to put it in the common location between the thumb and index finger on my left hand. The LF side I’m going to use to enter my apartment complex and the HF side I’ll switch up quite often depending on where I’m going and whom I’m visiting; personalize it for my friends I’m visiting and if going to work I’ll quickly change it with the app to my business profile. :smiley:

I can hear the Rick rolls and variations now lol


Hahaha, I’ve gotta break the ice to them somehow. :sweat_smile:

I have my xSIID programmed to a Rick roll waiting on my brother to visit! Lol!

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lol - he’s gonna love it! Rick Rolls “never gonna let us down!” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I currently have this

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hahaha, that is too good - I’m gonna have to use that one too! :laughing:

Kinda. I have a big flex and sometimes there’s a weird sensation, but it gets less over time. A small thing like the next will be normal very soon, I don’t feel it often, like maybe once a month I notice it’s there.

5 days before install, 10 days after or 7/8 or something like that is what I remember. Those vitamins and resulting collagen are just to make it a little faster for the body to initially wrap it so it doesn’t move, it doesn’t help with the actual healing and stuff.

No problem after a couple weeks I’d say, but you dont want to migrate it during healing I guess.

Yes. cheap chinese cloners with bad coupling and a hint of bad luck can brick the xEM side, it’s unlikely and even if it fails it’s often fixable.

Yeah basically mostly what @Eriequiet said


Thank you for the information! Y’all have been great! :partying_face:

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I would say that you should not poke acupuncture needles into it, but after 30-45 days it should not be a problem to massage it.

The only sensations after installation are the soreness that remains only until healing has begun (a few days at most), then occasional “pinches” and “itching” as nerves reconnect and repair around the implant. I think the “2 years” comment about “itching” is probably something I said about an itchy sensation coming on momentarily every once in a while for around 2 years or so after installation… but it’s more like the kind of itch you get on your arm, you scratch it once, and it’s gone… just a twinge that happens to occur directly overtop the implant (at least for me)… though I can say this only happened with my very first implant in my left hand I got in 2005… all the other implants I have did not have this “problem” so it might be installation-specific, meaning the conditions of that specific installation might cause a nerve that has healed around the implant to occasionally (a few times a year) trigger an itch response.

The NExT has two chips - NTAG216 and T5577 … the NTAG216 has lock bits as mentioned above and configuration bytes which are sensitive and could cause problems if accidentally messed with. We learned our lesson from the xNT and provide the NExT in a pre-programmed state with lock bits disabled and the configuration bytes pre-protected via AUTH0 byte and password feature.

The T5577 is still possible to “misconfigure” if a write process fails and tears the data being written, but with a proxmark3 you can almost always fix this problem.


oh … also … if you are into acupuncture then you might also be told by your practitioner that a “body meridian” runs through that spot in your hands and that “blocking the chi” there with an implant will result in headaches, lymph-nodes, breathing problems, etc… but I can definitely say nobody has reported problems with headaches or chi or anything thus far.


Thanks Amal, I appreciate your knowledge! <3

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Noice !