Company implant?


I would like to get a chip implanted so I can open doors, pay for lunch and other cool things at my work via an implant.

As i see it, there are two ways how to achieve this:

  1. Use chip in the company card
  • Take apart company card, attach special antenna, cast in biopolymer and implant it
  1. Get biochip (preffered)
  • “Copy” card to the biochip (or force them to register my biochip to the system if possible)

I’d like to get normal biochip, but I’m not sure if it is compatible with my company card and if it’s possible to copy it.

We use this card with contactless chip:
Now: Legic ®-MIM-1024-ASIC (Prime) with MIM 1024 chip
- ISO 14443A
- Frequency 13,56 MHz (encrypted)

In the future: Legic ®-CTC4096-MM410 with identificator combination (Legic ® Prime a Legic ® Advant)

Is it possible to simply copy the card, or is the security too good to do it? And is there any compatible chip I could buy?

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Could you do a scan with TagInfo app and post your results. But for your security can you blur out you UID. It will likely look something like this

Here is the how to guide

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thanks for your advice, but I’ve already tried it and my phone (Galaxy S9) is unable to scan it. The card works normally with my company readers and such. I’ve ordered an USB reader/writer that should be able to read it though.

I don’t have a lot of information on this chip, but after a cursory glance it appears proprietary with an ISO14443A UID available. The readers are “legic” specific. Protocol specs appear to be implemented by the Proxmark team, up to and including emulation via a PM3 in some circumstances (but also i note that antennas are fiddly with legic cards - this may be why your phone couldn’t read it?). Unfortunately, there’s no chip currently in production for implantation of this.

If you have access to a proxmark, running hf legic info would be a great start.

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If you don’t have a Proxmark, there may be somebody near you that can help you out.
Where are you based?

also possibly check out THIS Wiki, in the “meet and clone section”, it is pretty light on contacts at the moment, but you never know.
Ideally It would be great to build up this “database” or even have a Partners Map that includes reccomended unoffical piercers plus Cyborgs with Proxmarks etc. but until then…

Legic is a difficult company to work with… they often use either chips from EM or NXP that they basically configure to work with their applications, or they have their own silicon… this particular chip sounds like it’s their own thing… so it’s not likely to scan properly or at all with most phones.

Unfortunately I have also had bad luck converting Legic chips… their own chips have strange apacitance values which makes creating an antenna for them a painful long expensive process… and their use of EM chips also is a poor choice because those chips also refuse to function well with small antennas… only the NXP based chips Legic uses seem to be well suited for conversion.

In short, it feels like you’re kinda stuck.

Hi Amal,

that’s what I thought, my company is a little bit schizophrenic about the security in general, but it’s good to have this insight nonetheless, thank you for it.

When the new scanner arrives, I’ll try to read the chip so I can learn more.

Thanks for the replies!