Company name issues

I love DangerousThings and this community so I talk about it a lot. When I tell people about the chips they are super interested so they end up asking me where I got them from. When I tell them the name is “DangerousThings”, almost everytime they seemed turned off. The word “Dangerous” is a bit off-putting for those who don’t know much about biohacking. The name doesn’t bother me but maybe a name change might be beneficial.

dba: Safe Things?

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Borg Things?


Borg Things would definitely ease their minds. Words like “dangerous” or “warning” makes people avoid things.

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“ Quit being a pussy it’s only a name. if words are powerful enough for you to not be interested or intrigued by this stuff, you were not going to check it out anyway” things


I’m weird, so I like Dangerous Things for the word dangerous, and not the fact it started out as showing the potentially dangerous things out there.


If I tell strangers to “quit being a pussy” then they definitely won’t check it out

I liked the fact that my old property manager got my package with 3 implants since it wouldn’t fit in the small ass mailboxes at my old complex. Said Dangerous Things right on it, next thing I know, we had a surprise maintenance visit, and a $50 bull shit fine for a smoke detector missing that was noted before move in. I think he was hoping for some illegal shit XD

I say go the other way, “Extremely Dangerous Things”



When lookinging into this stuff for the first time “dangerous things” sounded like the place to be, so it was the least sus ironically


The company name is brilliant: it’s the best anti-lawsuit ever. Nobody can say “Your Honor, I sue Dangerous Things LLC for $100 million in damage for failing to properly inform me as a customer of the hazardous nature of their products.”


Those are definitely fair points. I still think they would get more customers with a different name

More customers paying $150 a pop vs more lawsuits at $300 / hr for the defense attorney. Hmm… the agony of choice… :slight_smile:

lol do they have lawsuits often?

Not with that name they don’t :slight_smile:

Also, there is another issue: with the number of photoshop jobs and memes that have been produced on this here forum, if Amal renamed the company, he would have to keep the initials and logo. So he’d have to call DT “Dainty Tulip”, “Delicious Tart” or something equally bland.

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Dermal Tech :man_shrugging:t2:


Lol I somehow doubt the name will change, it’s perfect. Don’t worry, your milquetoast friends can just wait a bit and buy VivoKey implants when it becomes more mainstream (and streamlined).


Yea, I think for talking with people in person it’s definitely

“If you can’t get the tongue in cheek joke, then it’s not for you”

I think the boarder discussion was to people who didn’t have a DT brand cyborg selling them on it


in keeping with this, why not change the logo instead of the company name?
here is my submission

i photofunned it to add a softer feel, but the original is here as well
and a background snipped @amal for other cool kids to make suggestions!

have fun!


dangerous things pride month logo