Compatibility of NExT

I’ve a „Proximity CAME“ Tag reader at my works door-entry. The datasheet say something like RF/64 ASK Manchester about the used Tags. The DT Diagnostic Card doesn’t work on the Reader unfortunately and doesn’t show either LF or HF. So the NExT shouldn’t be compatible, right?

RF/64 is the data rate. Manchester ASK is the modulation. Are you really sure there was no light on the diagnostic card? Did you move it around, to ensure optimal coupling? Could you sandwich it between your tag and the reader when you read your tag, to see of there is any response? Could be that it’s a 134.2 kHz tag.

No light unfortunately. I will try to sandwich that thing

Could you be so kind as to point me to the datasheet, so I can do a once-over? Then I can tell you more.

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Strange, these should all operate at 125 kHz. Maybe the coupling is just shit? Feom what distance can you usually use you card?

Up to 3cm normally.

Can you confirm you are dealing with plastic cards like these
Button a fob like they also seem to offer

No I use a black colored tag for it

Like this?

Have you had a chance to try what @anon7067117 suggested.
It is VERY odd that the diagnostic card doesn’t light up.

Are there some other readers you can test it on?
Different makes/ models, other buildings, hotels?

From the spec sheets, it should be LF, which should be promising, BUT frequency is only part of the puzzle.

The NExT has a T5577 chip in it which is capable of emulating a large number of LF modes, we just need to work out what your one is.
I have just asked over at the RFID hacking Discord to see if anybody is familiar with it.

So I think you have a few options:-
Wait for an answer from RFID hacking Discord
Get yourself a proxmark
Can you / are you happy to send one of us a spare card / fob? we could then Try to read it with a proxmark. If so what part of the world do you live in? ( Just for time and money for postage )

I would also suggest getting/borrowing a Proxmark (RDV4 or easy, shouldn’t matter). Maybe there is a hackerspace near you that has it, or a forum member that lives you willing to help you out.
@Pilgrimsmaster I thibk he is from Germany.

From you offering help with the German translation I gather you are from a German-speaking country, which is quite lucky - many forum members here.

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Somewhere there’s a post with people and their hardware, or a map.
Maybe Community-driven Biohacking Map. appears dead, at least on my device…
the current (oct 2020 I think) version of this project is availible here:

What I meant was lot’s of [details=“details”] with cities and stuff [/details].

This one?

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Not particularly upto date ( I haven’t had anybody contact me to add them for a while ) , but a possible starting point.

@thunderblaster map was much better suited, It was a pity it wasn’t finished