Completed first magnet install today

It was way bigger then the rfid i got years ago. Its in now, felt super weird when i got too close to the speaker. 12/10 experience so far, super excited to play with it in a couple weeks


What position did you go for?

Have you looked at the ZINC and LODESTONE combo?

I don’t have any bio-magnets myself but I do have ZINC and I rate the shit out of it, It’s awesome.

Both projects were created by @Az_F who also wrote an eBook on magnets…I haven’t read it, but I do keep recommending it.
Az did offer me a copy, I guess I should accept his offer and actually read it before I keep recommending it

anyway, you also MIGHT find this interesting / useful


Wow thanks

DM me :wink: you might want to wait for the remastered version soon ™ though

Side note, if you want a Lodestone you’ll have to wait a month or so and they will be on the DT website :tada:. You can still get ZINC early through my Patreon but not Lodestones




Cant seem to find a labeled map, but its in the webbing, ended up a little closer down to my thumb than intended. That looks like a super cool project

Here :wink:

Yours is probably p0 and I assume it’s an xG3 v2?



Yeah its p0, the v2. Had intended to put it in my finger but when i saw the needle i decided it was probably too big.


Excellent choice, finger install is rough with these.

Yeah ive heard its rough but doable, but i got small hands and im just glad i had a backup spot in mind :joy:

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