Completely New, Need suggestions

Hi guys,
I am completely new to this and wanted advice on what chip to go with.
My goals would be to change my house and office over locks I could open.
A second goal would be start my car and auto login to computer and password protected sites.
Any suggestions would be appreciated, as well as locks to look at (for work I would need pretty heavy. duty locks)
I was looking at going with Ultron Implant Bundle

Any thoughts appreciated

First of all, welcome!

I recommend checking out the Compatibility Matrix

That should give you an idea of what each implant has been shown to interface with
Good luck!

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Good choice, because your needs scream NExT.
You’ll be able to use the xEM side of the NExT with the xAC to start your car (with some work), you can login to your PC with the included KBR1 and get a lock that works with your chip.

Could you scan a card to your office door with TagInfo?


Im renovating my office now so I can really install whatever I want, any suggestions appreciated

Then you can do what you want haha, NExT is a good choice!
I don’t like the Spark but VivoKey is epic, so also a good choice!
KBR1 is also nice, I use it on a daily.

There is a whole bunch of info in the forum but you just need to know where to look.
Ontop of what the others have suggested, have a good look around in the:-
Some “basic” implant information

some RFID info

Some house, work and car inspiration

No idea what is in there :wink: