Concern about implanted chip

(blue color on pic is my bone and yellow is chip)
I have recently implanted a white field detector chip between my index and middle finger. I uploaded some pics of it. The bone of my index finger (if I move it in a certan way) is pushing the skin up. It dosen’t hurt it just feels weird and unconfortable. It still didn’t heal as I inplanted it a week ago. My question is did I fucked up something and do I need to get it removed?

Its placed directly over then bone?. If that is the care it could cause some issues with impacts. Being its only been a week. the swelling shouldn’t be worried about too much. Remember you just caused trauma to the body and there is now a foreign object there that the body is getting use to. Healing will take a bit of time. On the placement others might be able to weigh in on that part of it.

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Hey welcome! My NExT did the same thing. It still sits goofy on my bone. Occasionally, it starts to hurt, and if I look at it, it is pushing out more than normal when it does.

I would say to try and coax it how you want to sit, and try to keep it there. It didn’t work for me, so I decided to live with it. On the plus side, it reads great. But I also think about removal. Mainly cause I don’t use it, and I would rather have a xSIID there.

Answer is… up to you. Listen to your body. Implants do take time to settle in, but they also take time to reject.

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Yeah, that’s really not great. It migrated significantly. Can you move it at all by pressing on it? If so you should shift it as far away from the bone as possible and then do a little toothpick corral, then tape the whole thing down tightly for 2-4 days

Thanks for advice but no. I tried to do that and itxhurts like hell. My hole hand is tingling

It’s not directly it’s just one end over it

Does it get in a way in day to day life?

Get in the way? No. I have hit it a few times, andbI notice it more. But nothing serious enough to take it out for the foreseeable future. When I need the real estate, I will remove it.

To put it bluntly the only thing that having an implant above bone is raise the risk profile. The risk of it breaking if impacted is higher but thats the only difference. If you can live with that cool if not pull it out.

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Just one more question, did you get used to way that it feels?


Your body tends to move things how it wants.

If you don’t get used to it, and it is uncomfortable, then it may be time to get it out.