Confirmed credit cards conversion

Hello biohackers its been a year since i wanted to transform a card into a payment chip is their any confirmed credit cards that work with the conversion service thought i would ask the community as they would know best.
Thanks Jon

Why not pick one of those prepaid credit cards listed on the service page?

If you do not want a prepaid card I suspect you maybe wanna wait for the CoM conversion board. Idk, that might allow your credit card to be used.

But I’d just go with one of those prepaid cards.

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Yeah, Amal hasn’t encapsulated my CoM conversion yet.

Honestly I might want to take another pass at it before I implant. It would be really excellent if I could integrate the capacitor into the board as a plane, instead of an SMT component. It’s a personal project though, so funding and priority has delayed it. Maybe I’ll do that this weekend.