Confused about type of implant needed

Hey there fellow bots and borgs!

Does anybody have experience with which implant is able to clone for a HID iClass SE access control system? I was told in another post that it would be the FlexClass but when I went on to read the description for it, it says that it’s not compatible for SE systems.

So, what I am asking is has anyone successfully cloned a work badge that uses the iClass multi class SE system and which implant was used? I tried reading the key card with my phone and it doesn’t work. Also I’m order to read my chip on my iPhone 13 pro max I have to have a NFC app open it doesn’t just read upon contact.


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Interesting, pretty sure we have the same physical hardware but the GUI is a bit different and possibly different brand… white label maybe

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Our company uses this terminal as a time clock, ours is setup to read LF and doesn’t have the biometric scanner that I know of.

We also utilize HID seos access badges for our HID iClass readers on the doors, all of which are setup to read LF only.

I am able to utilize T5577 implants on this setup. Your setup might be different I would recommend getting a proxmark3, this will be one of the few ways to scan your LF key card or even clone it if it’s possible. Your phone only works with HF so it’s likely useless in this situation.

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Thank you both I’ve done some research on the system and cards, I apologize I meant to say that’s the time clock.

I’m in the process of getting a proxmark3.

This is the access system for the doors.

Looks just like the readers we have, I don’t want to get your hopes up too much as these systems can be setup many different ways to the best of my knowledge. But a proxmark3 will definitely let you dig a little deeper down the rabbit hole.

Out of curiosity, Do you have a single key card for everything or a separate one for the time clock?

The time clock has several different models available and they all look the same. They can support a variety of LF OR HF cards. So it depends entirely on what particular technology your company decided to use.

I posted the full list in a different thread, but the reader can either be LF EM4102, or LF HID, or HF (iClass (various), Mifare Classic, Mifare DESfire, or FIPS)… So we need a credential scanned to be certain.

I used my LF & HF XFD’s on the HID readers at my job and the LF one was the only one that lit up.

If it is using the LF only then anything with a T5577 should work.

Are you thinking x-series (easier to install, worse range) or a flex series (harder to install, better range)

An X series is just injected, while a Flex involves creating a pocket with a scalpel or a needle, and then sliding the flex into the hole.

I have a NeXT xseries

If your reader lights up your LF xFD, then there is a good chance your NExT will work with it.

As your NExT comes in EM410x from DT you need to change that to HID
Now you just need something to read and write your card.
You have a couple of options available to you.

That will depend how involved in this “game” you want to be.

  • If you want to get a few implants and have the flexibility to do everything you want, and future proof yourself I would reccomend you get a Proxmark3.
    I see that you are getting one already and this is really your best option.

  • If you want a simple tool, that just does the job, but only LF That will have you up and running quickly, I would suggest a Blue Cloner. ( there is a catch, but if you read my review, that will explain HERE )

  • If you want somebody to help you out “locally” There is a community member in Philly that i’m sure would help you out, but you would obviously have logistics and travel to sort out

That’s amazing thank you!! You have been of great help! Who is the Philly community member you’re talking about? Is it okay to contact you with any questions?


AlexisL and I are gonna meet up and use my proxmark