Considering on getting a chip. I need help choosing

Hey, I discovered this sometime ago and I am really considering a chip. Can someone help me out with choosing a chip?

Has the ability to communicate with devices to unlock doors.
Can share information though smartphones.
Make payments.

Please help out with giving recommendations for chips. Thank you very much.

If you want to use it with your smartphone, it needs to be a high frequency NFC chip.

Locks advertised as “NFC locks” will work.

Payments are not going to be possible because of credit card companies are a bit cautious jumping on our boat. There are ways to do it, but you’d have to have a dedicated implant custom made by DT.

Thank you for your reply, Ill consider getting one of those.

My opinion:-
A great starter (infact, any time) implant is the NExT.

It will do everything you have asked for and more with the exception of payments ( except it can, but can’t… this is a larger topic, just have search through these forums and you will understand what I am saying / implying)
here is a starter for you
(Making payments with an implant)
All this in one implant!
Free postage when you purchase it.
Contains a modicum of technologies that will cover most bases.
It is an x-series injectable implant, self, friend or Piercer.
link to partner piercers

Anyway, that’s my opinion and my recommendation for you.
Any more questions, just search these forums and if you dont find your answers, just ask…

Good luck