Copy MIFARE DESFire EV1 4K card from NXP

The train in my city uses cards with MIFARE DESFire EV1 4K card from NXP and I want to have a chip that can copy that card and be able to use it. Any of these 2 implants: Vivokey Spark 2 or the NExT RFID + NFC Chip Implant could do it?

First thing is desfire is mostly proprietary. You need another desfire chip to be compatible. The spark 2 and next are both not that. The xdf2 and flexdf2 are.
Second thing is desfire is not cloneable.

I’ve been looking and scanning the card with TagInfo puts it supports several things but I don’t know what they mean, if I put a photo could you help me?

Sure. But if it’s desfire you’re basically SOL.

This is the information of the card, i have cover 2 digits because i dont know if someone could do something with that

UID probably isn’t relevant to the system. Can you show the full listing under memory content?

Here you have, thanks for the help

Alright, so that is a definite no on cloning.

Sadness, then I’ll keep looking at which of the two is better for me. Thank you very much for your help, as a last doubt I know that the 2 chips are different and have different functionalities but you if you had to choose one which would you choose

That’s greatly dependant on what you want to do with them. Out of the two I’d choose the next, because I would choose the apex flex over the spark 2.

Okay, thank you so much for everything.

Is that service still available where Amal can dissolve the card and turn it into an implantable? It might be worth looking into if you really want an implantable bus pass.

yes this is still possible if the chip is a 70pF highcap version… though i might be able to sort out an antenna for 17pF chips as well…

can you show the IC INFO and EXTRA screens?