Copying a Mifare 1K classic card

Hello I just started out with using my proxmarkv3 easy.

I have a quick question regarding copying a Mifare 1K classic card. The UID is 7 bytes in size.

Can I copy such a card onto a 4k magic chinese one? Or does the card need to be 1 K? If its possible to copy it onto the 4k card does it matter what the rest of the storage is filled with?

Thanks for your help!

The question is kind of the other way around… what magic chips with changeable IDs exist that can accommodate your mifare card. Typically magic mifare chips only support legacy (called S50) mifare 4 byte ID chips.

Modern mifare chips with 7 byte IDs do have a magic chip option for cloning to, but it’s finicky and we don’t work with it.