Copying an apartment building badge

Hi there, I was wondering what implant I should choose to copy a badge like this one

Also do I just copy the tag with an app? Or is it using the tag’s uid?

I don’t really trust NFC Tools anymore, but it looks like you could easily clone this to a flexM1 gen2 with the Mifare Classic Tool app.
For the xM1 you’d need a reader, as phones don’t support the backdoor command.


To add more info to yeka’s excellent answer, your apartment’s system is almost certainly using the UID. So, either an xM1 or a flexM1 would be your best option.

There are two types of magic 1k implants, gen1a and gen2.

The xM1 (typical glass capsule implant) is only gen1a.

The flexM1 comes in both gen1a and gen2 versions.

The difference between gen1a and gen2 is, for gen1a, you need a desktop reader, as yeka mentioned. This is usually an ACR122U or a Proxmark3 in most cases. There are other options as well, but the point is, you need a separate reader. This is because gen1a chips work via a special backdoor command, that allows the UID to be changed. This is good, as it’s harder to mess up or accidentally lock your implant, but it means that you need more than just a phone.

With gen2, sector 0 (which contains the UID) is completely open and writable. This means that a phone can easily change the UID, but it also increases risk of accidentally bricking the implant.

For your use, I would say either would be fine really. If you’re mainly using it to copy your building badge, that’s not something you’re going to be doing very often. Would still think about what works best for you though, weigh your options.


Here’s a video where I demonstrate cloning a Mifare Classic NUID to the flexM1 gen2 implant:


me either, at least not for chip identification.

All great answers above, I can’t anything further to that, but I would say, you card is PROBABLY a mifare classic 1k.
I would reccomend that you confirm it via TagInfo by NXP

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