Could any biomagnet implants mimic the tricks of a PK ring?

PK rings are “psychokinetic” tools used by magicians/illusionists. But really, they’re just magnetic rings.

But could any lifting magnet implanted inside the fatty part of one’s hand perform similar tricks?

Things like, spinning a spoon, or pen, without touching it, or stopping the hands on a wristwatch.

If it’s purely dependent on the size of the magnet, sure, technically, but it will likely be quite noticeable in size, and then there’s the same question of encapsulation as with other magnets, especially sensory ones. See the buzz about the titanium encapsulated magnets Amal is making.

Glass on the pads of your hands will be at risk for shattering if, say, you slip with a hammer or fall on a set of stairs, and all other coatings degrade. Of course, gold for example could be applied thicker in this case…

What about in the webbing of the hand, fat part between the pointer and thumb, similar to where many of DT’s X-Series chips are placed?

Hammer is still a problem and then you have the question about distance between your magnet and your target object. You would probably need to do some experimentation to see what the deal is with how the meat of your hand interacts with the magnetic fields and if your tricks and such could still be pulled off. Remember that magnetic fields are subject to inverse square so ANY added distance is going to affect its ability to work.

So we’re largely talking about the size of the magnet plus the distance and interference involved. That’s a question of experimentation an testing to determine.

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Mine is a 6mm x 3mm N52. It’s not as strong as that ring, but you can still do some cool stuff with it. The xG3 is a similar strength.


That looks really cool. I might get a strong lifting magnet in the webbing of my hand, for party tricks like that. Have you tried doing it with any pens?

Depends on the pen I guess