Could my xSIID be bent?

Hello, I am all new to the Cyborg Community and i got a new xSIID in Blue last Week. Everything worked well, the healing process worked also very well but…today I lifted some heavy tiles and now I am concerned about if it is possible that the xSIID could be bent like a “U” form a little bit. May be that I am just paranoid. But could it be possible or would it just break, and notice if something isn’t right? I have the Chip in my left hand between thumb and Index finger (Not close to a bone) if it does matter!

Greetings Marcel :slight_smile:

It’s glass it would not bend it would break. It could move around so if you were mentally referencing the previous position that could deceive you.


Okay already said, maybe I was just a little too paranoid because of some heavy tiles lifting even if the wound isn’t fully healed, but thanks for your fast reply!

We’re twins! I also had a blue xSIID implanted last week. Same position as yours. I think I can relate to what you’re seeing. Healing has been a breeze. No pain, no redness, no bruising. Fortunately the ink my installer used to mark my hand was some powerful stuff that refused to wash off completely, which has served me well as a reference for any post-install migration. In my case it only seems to have slightly rotated a bit in the pocket. Not much, maybe a millimeter or so at most. I would guess what you’re seeing could be a similar pattern. Nothing to worry about. Cheers!


Are you feeling anything weird around the implant or something? And if so, can you describe the sensation?

It’s probably ok and I wouldn’t worry too much.

I don’t feel anything strange except a very little bump on the implant!. Wondering if the implant itself is just a ROUND TUBE or has a little “bump”. Maybe it comes from the healing process and it may be swollen but for a swelling it would be too small I guess. Like I said LED lights bright, Nfc works very well and i don’t feel any issues right now. It’s just the thing when I feel it, that the glass doesn’t feel straight or better to say round. I hope I explained understandable :slight_smile:

So my question is, is the xSIID a “perfect” round tube or has it some dentings?

through your skin it should feel like a smooth cylinder with rounded ends

like this

Could you xSIID be laying under a vein?
Is the lump hard or soft?

This could be it! I can hardly see a vein right there but this might be the “bump” I meant!