"Countermeasures" against Chinese Magic Mifare Classic?

Hello Everyone,

I’m sorry if this question is in the wrong Category. It’s more of a general question regarding Chinese Magic Chips.

I’m thinking about implanting a UID-Changable Chip as well, and as I know there are 2 different Generations. The first being of the “Magic” Type, the second one usually arrives with unlocked AC Bits.

Now I’ve read somewhere that countermeasures have been implemented (where possible) against these First Generation Magic Chips. Meaning that some Readers automatically reject them, essentially rendering them useless for many applications.

Sadly, I don’t remember where I read it or heard it, but does anybody know more about this topic and can therefore, possibly from personal experience, confirm or deny this bit of information?

Kind Regards.


Confirmed! There’s the Gen1 chips which need a magic command to write sector 0. Some systems detect these by testing the command and rejecting the chip if they respond to it. The implantable xM1+ has this chip.
The gen2 chips can be written to sector 0 directly without a special command and won’t respond to the magic command, so they will still work on those that check for it.
There are rumoured xM1+ chips from a botched batch with gen2 chips in them, if you really really want to dig around for one :slightly_smiling_face: