Cracked xM1 chip while implanted

Funny really, a decent piercer is better equipped for fainting than a gp :sweat_smile:


Thing is, if you apply enough force to break it, chances are you’ll have a significant injury yourself anyway.

Just following up here. I had one crack with 0 bruising or anything. I had no idea it had cracked, just that the chip stopped working.

Was this a Dangerous Things product?

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Yes. Let’s continue via DM for awhile.

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Well I’m actually surprised. From the photos provided it appears we have our first case of a cracked implant. My own spidey sense is tingling though… my thought is that this sort of crack is so unlikely when installed I’m wondering if it was actually cracked or somewhat compromised before it even went into the needle, due to a factory process error. Cracks like this do show up in the glass if I mishandle a “naked” glass ampoule… so I’m not sure if it happened while actually installed. Regardless, it’s a situation that isn’t great and we will work to improve processes to ensure this doesn’t happen again.


I value @amals transparency as usual,

Sharing any issues or potential issues, honestly makes me trust a brand significantly more

Not that a single cracked chip would be any cause for alarm given numbers


Is that implant from bashNinja’s hand? (incidentally, with a nick like that, you’d expect the implant to have led a rough life in-vivo :slight_smile:)

What strikes me is how devoid of epoxy it seems to be. I thought they were at least 3/4 filled with it before sealing. But maybe it’s an artifact from the photo.

The other thing that strikes me is how short it is. What model is this?

Of course, you’re welcome to send glassies to test on our drop tester. Matter of fact, I just upgraded it (that’s what I was working on in the workshop last Friday): it goes up to 2,500 G now (was only 1,500 G before). Here’s a video of the new clutch I made, slowed down 16x:

There’s proper space at the bottom to install things to crush too now. So I could stick a DT glassie in a chicken leg and let it rip a few dozen times if you want.

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It’s an xM1 and it’s supposed to be more filled than that but some aren’t apparently.

That would explain why it could have been more fragile. Maybe a dud. Maybe Chinese QC - or lack thereof.

The xM1 is the only implant we had to produce at another factory because magic chips are grey market and we could not get them to sell us the dies only offer production services… I’m making incident report for that factory now to address the crack and the resin issue.


I too admire your openness, by the way.


I feel it important to highlight this also,

Few brands or manufacturers admit to issues, even fewer actively take steps to correct things so proactively

In my industry and from my experience, having a perfect track record is worthless to me… I will always trust a brand more that has issues… but deals with them correctly, versus the spotless reputation company

Food for thought. But I used to know a metallurgical failure guy, who was capable of piecing the craziest shit together from analysis and inspection… I wonder if there’s a similar type of specialist for glass that could tell how the crack happened

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To be fair, it’s not exactly like it’s a surprise from Amal. I mean the man baked product honesty into the very name of his company - to the extent that he had to found another one with a blander name to avoid scaring the suits :slight_smile:


I’ve had a similar thing with my xM1, where it wasn’t entirely filled with resin. Thank goodness I got it out. Even when filled with my blood and fluid, it still worked, and I didn’t really get any side effects (I know of) from it, so it could have remained there for who knows how long.

Do you still have that? did you take photos? did you send it to Amal?

I’m sure he would want to document that for when he submits incident reports

Yup, I sent it off to him already, as well as pictures of the implant.

Yeah that situation is more interesting because it’s not cracked as far as I can tell… I’m hoping to get my own eyeballs on it to figure it out. Did we sort out shipping on that… i mean tracking #?

Yeah, it says it arrived on the 14th in Bellingham.


Is there any update. I think about an yM1 as well but that News make me a little bit concerned

You have nothing to worry about. Tons of other people - myself included - have an xM1 that absolutely love it and have no problems whatsoever. The fact that this is one of, if not the only case like this should give you more peace then anything. Remember: we don’t often hear about the people that have no issues, but always hear about the problems. If the xM1 was really worth worrying about, you’d see a lot more threads here.