Cracked xM1 chip while implanted

Is there any update. I think about an yM1 as well but that News make me a little bit concerned

You have nothing to worry about. Tons of other people - myself included - have an xM1 that absolutely love it and have no problems whatsoever. The fact that this is one of, if not the only case like this should give you more peace then anything. Remember: we don’t often hear about the people that have no issues, but always hear about the problems. If the xM1 was really worth worrying about, you’d see a lot more threads here.


I agree with this 100%. I’m still healing but I’ll probably replace it with another xM1. It was a weird thing that happened and I don’t expect it to happen to anyone else.

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Remember that guy who had a chip end up in his lungs?




I like to think it is real.

What did they have to gain?

They didn’t ask for anything, other than to tell their story.

I would have left if I was him also, people started being mean to him about letting his son install him.

At the end of the day, I choose to believe it happened.

Like aliens, I choose to believe they exist.

I have not seen the xM1 with the crack at the mailbox so I’ve asked the mailbox service to trace it and possibly ask adjacent mailbox owners of they got a package meant for my mailbox.


Update 8/16/2021

I’m doing really good healing up. The removal site looks great. All the hesitation I felt last month has disappeared and I have asked @amal to send me a replacement. I’ll probably put it in the same location because that was a super good spot. It reads really well on the back of the hand. I’ll have a little bit of scaring but I won’t know for sure how it’ll look until a few more months out.

Photo of the healed spot


Don’t have much to say, other than:


It’s a scary situation, really happy that you’re healing well, and that you’re even ready to have another one put in.

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