Creepy question

I just read the sad story of Mostly Harmless, a nameless hiker who died alone in his tent in Florida for reasons unknown, and remains unidentified to this day. And I thought: some of us have vCards or URLs pointing to personal information on their implants. That would never happen to us. Or would it?

So I started wondering if a forensic pathologist would find the information on our implants. I looked up standard autopsy standards, and I found this standard. It applies to the US - or rather applied, since the document is past its sunset date - but I suppose something fairly similar applies today in most countries.

The relevant paragraphs say this:

So, I’m fairly sure implants would be found on an unidentified corpse, even a very radiolucent Flex device. The question is: would the pathologist simply document the presence of “dog tags”, or even simply unknown technological objects? Would they extract them for further examination before inhumation? Would they think of bringing a cellphone to the tags - or even know that they could try it?

I’d think they’d investigate, determine what the objects are and scan them eventually it if the person was murdered or the death was otherwise suspicious. But if the person was found dead and the cause of death is unknown but not suspicious - as in the case of Mostly Harmless, would the physician go for the quickest, most minimal examination - like a passing mention in a report and that’s that?

Any professional here on the forum who could shed some light?


My wife majored in forensic science and law, shes gonna reach out to a professor who was an M.E. for years and see what he says I’ll keep you posted if he says anything.


Oh and this question also made me wonder how much information @amal can fit on my Titan. Name and birthday would work for ID lol.


I’ll reach out to a friend that used to do stuff in this field


Great, thanks!

Out of curiosity though: so from what I gather, your wife has a degree in forensic science but hasn’t practiced, and that’s why she feels she needs to ask the professor who has, is that right?

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Friend worked as a photographer for morgue and forensic stuff

She’s telling me in a nutshell,

If it’s something dramatic, a murder or seems fishy, they will give it lots of attention, likely sending them to an outside lab for identification and study

If it’s something mild, like an obvious suicide or a car accident, it might not be important

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Thanks for asking!

Yeah but perhaps they don’t bother because the victim is easily identifiable by other means. The vast majority of people who die arrive at the morgue with a name. Maybe your friend never got to process a truly unidentifiable person.

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She did, she made it sound like, if there is an Investigation besides identification it’s likely they will go to a lab

If there’s no investigation besides identification, it’s more of a toss up

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Lol my wife didn’t go into pathology. She identifies marks on bullet cartridges instead of bodies.


I trust amal and DT but maybe not enough to give them my SSN lol.

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I don’t think that would be a problem, seeing that people send Amal their friggin’ contactless credit cards for conversion, and as far as I know, Amal hasn’t yet sucked anybody’s bank account dry yet :slight_smile:


What if she has identified a weapon Rosco has made… :thinking:

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Ah! Not a chance: my filing skills are so good no breech of mine leaves any markings :slight_smile:


No markings, would be your markings :footprints:

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To be fair, most of those are prepaid cards of some kind - you’d need to load money on for him (or more likely a postie) to use.

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Is yours prepaid? I was under the impression that some aren’t in Aus (e.g. Commbanks microcards for when phones don’t support NFC)

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Nah, mine’s not prepaid as such, but it’s not my normal bank (Commbank). I use instant transfer over NPP to put coin on it fortnightly when I get paid.

Also those microcards aren’t shipped by CBA anymore, haven’t been since iPhone got NFC pay support.

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Continuing the derail

Yeah I just tried to find the commbank microcards and couldn’t :cry:. Maybe in the future I’ll look into a payment implant, but for now, I’ll set that thought aside

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PM me if you’re after one. A bank in Aus still makes the right size, but I don’t say who in public so mine isn’t cancelled.