Custom chip interest

Is it possible to get a custom chip made? As I understand that Mr Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow has done so. Whats the options & limitations? & of course the costs involved?

Do you have a source for information on what exactly Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow Meow did that required a custom chip? My initial search didn’t come up with anything.

I don’t think it’s reasonable for individuals or even small businesses to have custom ASICs made. You would need a very capable and specialized electrical engineer to plan the schematic and layout for you, which would be nebulously expensive depending on the features you needed and how specific you could get with your instructions. Then the process of producing the masks for the layers of your silicon wafer is going to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Then there’s usually a MOQ that brings it up to a million dollars. Then you’ll probably want to have the dies sawn out of the wafer, placed in a normal IC package, and ball-bonded to the pins.

It would be a serious undertaking. I doubt BioFoundry has the resources to do that. It’s possible he made a sweet deal with a chip manufacturer during the development phase of a chip, and they tweaked it to address his use case. Then it would be kind of “custom” for him, in a sense.

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I took a transit card and converted it for Meow into an implant :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “custom”… what are you looking to have made?

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Way over thought that XD

I actually heard about that on FutureGrind. I don’t understand why that caused such a fuss. If the justification was really that he “modified” the card then they should have just deactivated his account, there shouldn’t have been legal proceedings. I mean, people are able to use a phone app for the same service, and they don’t need to “produce a ticket”. If they were really concerned about hackers, I don’t know what they think they were gonna be able to do to stop them. Hackers gonna hack.

I feel like it was just discriminatory and punitive against him personally to broadcast the message that “implanted payment is not okay”. Ridiculous.

< /rant >

I would love to get a Yubi key 5 NFC compatible implant as I use it all the time for

  • gpg sub keys
  • ssh keys
  • otp
  • 2fa
  • tons of compatible apps/sites
  • okta/duo
  • massive developer community

Sounds like you’re looking for the VivoKey Flex One.

For sure!! It looks like a fantastic device… the memory size alone is impressive. I’ll definitely be installing it and developing for it once it’s out of beta.

A yubi is a tunrn-key solution for the the masses. It natively works with just about everything now. Let’s get the VivoKey there!