Cyborg Clothes?

I was born just before then. You know what they say “If you can remember the 60’s, you weren’t there.” Well, I can’t remember the 60’s…

Given my first birthday was in 1970, it’s probably not surprising.

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Have to update this a little bit right now :wink:
For anyone living near San Diego (and liking the style) - I totally love Neo4ic. They ship to Germany as well, costs a ton, but the products are totally worth it… I already have some sleeves, one of the beautiful Hypershawls (one of my favourite-ever clothing accessoire!) and one of the mantles, and yesterday, I managed to get this baby here:

I mean… it’s glow in the dark, how could I resist? :star_struck: And from the things I already have, I can tell the quality is really, really amazing.


Can u list me on how to make ty dye clothing cuz ill make my tunics and robes ty dye. Lol just let me know whats up.

That was just an image on the internet I found to share.

There are plenty of “how to” guides that could help you better than I ever could

Instructables is alwas a good place to start

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Ummmm, Not to be rude,

What the fuck are you talking about???

Oh, and welcome to the forum


T-shirt for women are so sexy.

There is a designer in Japan that has been out for a couple of years, their vision of clothing is to blur the boundaries between reality and alternate dimensions, they even include in their catalog pieces made for 3D avatars for VR applications that look like their original designs. Their selection of forms and materials is always inspired in futuristic thinking. Sadly their clothing does not have any type of embedded electronics and they are mostly exclusive (very limited) statement pieces.

The style is very peculiar and perhaps not good enough for everyone but at least is another option rather than just a simple T-Shirt with prints.


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I would love to see the underwear models of Japanese designers. I think it would be an impressive show. I order underwear only online because there is no choice in local stores.

How does it fit?

Really fine - I bought size S, and I think sizing is always a bit difficult for coats and the like, because they might be too tight or might look totally stupid if too large. This one fits perfectly - the arms are ending about mid-hand, are not too loose but I can still fit a sweater underneath, and the overall silhouette is really nice. It is indeed a bit long, but I’m only 1,65m “tall”, so that’s no surprise. And, as usual, I love the quality - the print looks very durable (hope it is - I already have one of those mantles, without glow effect, and that one’s really sturdy), and the cotton is heavy, well-woven and works fine against wind and, for some time, rain as well.
The buckles are something to get used to, though… if I’m not careful, they might flip my titan because of the magnets :smile:

From what I heard, they are planning some new designs for black friday, including a blue glow in the dark version of the mantle - sigh. I hope for some nice little discount as well, otherwise this shop might singlehandedly ruin me some day :smile:

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I personally prefer that they end at the wrist but I don’t live in a cold climate.

How uncomfortable is this? never mind, I’m probably going to get a titan a year or two from now regardless of the drawbacks

It’s not really painful anymore, but it’s some sort of unpleasant sensation… I’m a bit squeamish about such things, even if they don’t really hurt - like pulling sutures, for example, or catching on piercings. It’s not pain, and I can totally get through it, but it turns my stomach a bit :smile:

It’s not even that much about getting cold hands, I just think it’s such a cozy feeling - like a turtle withdrawing into the shell :wink:

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If anyone’s still interested, is having a nice little sale with several new pieces and 25% sitewide discount - definitely nice to have, still ruining me a bit, though… :smile:
But a blue glow in the dark mantle? I just couldn’t resist…

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