Cyborg transformation Kit not working

Hi guys,

After years of consideration I decided to take the leap into bio hacking, got my Cyborg Kit and neither or the chips are working, as in my phone (Google Pixel 2) cannot detect them. The NFC ring I ordered with it, no problem at all and the RFID diagnostic card detects HF 13.56 on the phone.

My question is, am I missing a trick here? Are they both broken, if my phone is giving off the HF is the xNT the only one that will work?

Any advice welcomed, little bit heartbroken

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There might be some things that could explain your problems.

1.The chips for implantation (xNT & xEM) are not readable when they are still in the syringe! (Are yours already implanted?)
2. If implanted your phone is only able to write/read the xNT. (xEM is low frequency and you need a special reader for this one)
By the way same with the diagnostic card and the xLED - only the high frequency will light up with smartphone, the low frequency LEDs only close to things (readers) that operate on this low level of frequency (like a HALO Reader)


If you’re trying to test them in the needle they wouldn’t read. But if you have already implanted them I suggest using the xLed tester to figure out where the best read area is. Or you may have to wait for the swelling to go away


Thanks for your responses guys in answer to your question both chips are exctly as the video shows, are they broken in you opinion?

Did the video work?

I’m very confused. The video worked, but I didn’t see any phone or reader involved. The xLED and the diagnostic card have no power source, so they can’t operate without a phone or reader nearby.

On your phone, download the TagInfo app. Once you have NFC enabled, open the app. Tap the xLED to the back of your phone in various areas until it lights up. Once you know where the antenna is on your phone, you can attempt to read the xNT (after it’s been implanted). It will not read from inside the syringe.

The diagnostic card and the xLED do not show up as anything when you scan them. They just light up.

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Well you have some learning to do about how RFID works.

The implants (and xLED & the diagnostic card in the video) are passive devices. They have no power sources, they will not light up or read without being near a reader.

A “reader” is a powered device such as your NFC enabled phone, the DT KRB1, or an access control panel. These readers output a magnetic field through an internal antenna. The implants, xLED , and diagnostic card have antennas that pick up this field which works very similar to how wireless charging works. This powers up the implant so it can communicate, or lights up the LEDs on the xLED and diagnostic card which allows you to “see” how well it is coupling to the readers field.

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not sure what you are trying to do there in that second video.

Thank you, I was trying to show that my NFC enabled bank card got picked up by my phone. The point is thought I understand the tech but if of
can’t program it from a handheld device do I take the leap?

What you got in the kit was implants pre-loaded into sterile syringes that should only be opened by your body modder doing the install. You can’t read these until they are installed in you (and the swelling goes down).

The xLED and the Diagnostic card do not have tags (ICs) in them. They are just LEDs so you can’t read them with an app like NFC Tools, but they will light up. The antenna in the xLED is the same as the ones in the impant so you can test your phone for optimal orientation. (See the video I posted)

Can you get the card and/or xLED to light on your phone when you have the NFC Tools app running?

Another question is what is it that you want to accomplish with your implants?

Also note I think that comes with 2 xLEDs. They are not the same, one is high frequency and one is low frequency. One will light up with your phone (the high frequency one), the other will not.

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I know we’re throwing a lot at you. I hope no one is coming off as condescending. RFID technology is not very intuitive. This period of understanding and working through the steps has happened to everyone on these forums. We’re here to help.

I find that it helps to take a second and think it through. Write down what is going on from start to finish, and then write down what you want to know. Then, you can post it and we’ll all work through what is true, what isn’t, and what next steps are available.

Also, could you please take down that YouTube video that shows your entire bank card information?