Cyborg Transformation Kit - Pre-secured?

Hey all, I just snagged the cyborg transformation kit (sweet sale!) and was wondering, does the xNT come pre-secured like the NExT or do I need to secure it manually?


You should protect it and change the password with Dangerous NFC anyways I think.
But wait with that until the app is updated…

Yeah, I get that - mostly the question is whether the lock bits and configuration block are secured on arrival or not. Just want to know what to expect :slight_smile:

for the xNT they are not

Thanks for the info!!

How do I set the password for the xNT
The NFC Tools app just saysOOPS! Every time
The rest of my data is still there

Did you protect it with Dangerous NFC already?

No. My Android doesn’t have NFC. Still working it

Does dangerous NFC work with the PM3 over OTG?

I set the password and the scan tag now pops up but none of my field detectors are sensing any change that would indicate a field

@amal Out of curiosity, since I don’t have immediate access to an android device, is there any way of performing the same actions that Dangerous NFC would do on iOS? Especially considering the relaxed limitations that came with iOS 14 I imagine it has to be possible, albeit maybe no one has implemented it yet

No not that I’m aware of… but iOS 14 does change a lot of the nfc game on iphone… so maybe it’s possible now. Look for something like NFC shell that lets you send raw commands to tags… then yes it could be done.

Alas, no one has developed an app for iOS that’s that flexible from what I can tell. Probably will be a while coming since 14 is so new, if it ever does.

I recently heard about a person who is interested in an app like that and has an iPhone. I bet they could make one nudge nudge, wink wink

LMAO true enough. I’m pretty handy with programming… but I’ve never written for iOS. I’ll think on it and see what it takes to get started at least.

Is Dangerous NFC restricted to certain devices, or versions of Android OS below some maximum? I tried getting my chip secured and kept receiving an error saying no app was available for my xNT when I scanned it.

If you have dangerous NFC installed, I’d try opening the app before scanning the implant

Turns out an older device worked fine - I think there must be some change in newer android OS that affects the compatibility