Dad wants to install my first implant for me. Tips or videos to follow?

So, I recently got a NExT as my first implant. I didn’t want to do it myself, the closest partner is many hours away, and my dad offered to do it for me (with a coworker physician supervising) because he wasn’t fond of the whole ‘random guy you met on a forum who’s done it 3 or 4 times’ idea.

I’ve already found the Professional Guide to 2x12mm Transponder Installation and he has also watched the install video by SparkFun.

Are there any other tips or tutorial videos those of you with more experience would recommend looking at?


A serious piercer, even one who’s never done an implant before, should be able to handle the job if they’re willing to read up on the procedure and/or follow your directions. That’s how I did two of mine (because I’ve only ever gone to two piercers, and after the first time, it wasn’t their first time no more of course :slight_smile:)

That said, I just love the idea of your dad helping you with your implant - and apparently going about doing it seriously with professional assistance. Now that’s what I call family bonding! I find the whole idea extremely groovy.

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Clean surface, clean tools, clean hands. Then double check you did all three before starting


Have a look at this wiki at the bottom, “how do I get it implanted”
It has some of the stuff you mentioned, plus a little more.

Awesome your dad is helping you out

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Thanks to those answering so far, i will relay the message.

I have a question tho… Where are you guys? its literally 4:50 am here in new york. either you are absurd night owls like me or live in a land far, far away…

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Honestly, there is a bit of both on this forum

Far far away.
But if Covid hadn’t happend,I would have been just up the road from you…
Stoppid Covid

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fair enough then


" Feic, arse, drink, girls."

Great tv


Finland - noon here. Almost time to pop open a beer :slight_smile:

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geez, that explains why I keep seeing you guys on in the middle of the night for me lol.
Speaking of which, it’s probably time for me to head to bed *5am

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Oh right, I almost forgot about this one, thanks!

Well, It is in the link I posted above…


Agree on all these points. Your dad should be fine, especially if he’s supervised (but note DT official stance is get a pro if possible, but you’ve made it clear it’s not really so), my recommendation is get very comfortable with all the videos provided. I splurged for the surgical marker on my first one, it’s good to triple check your location when you’re new to doing it. Learn sterile field technique, because the last thing you want is an infection. Seriously. Get sterile gloves if you can (I found all this gear on eBay, but your physician friend may be able to source). Sanitise your surfaces, the glove package can be a good field above your sanitised surface.

I’ve done this a few times, and it’s been easier each time. The first time I bled everywhere, wore a bandage for a week, and it was rather achy in the spot for a while. The second (a LF tag into the same spot as my first, a xNT) was quicker, easier and I did it on the kitchen table. The third, my xG3, was done myself because my assistants ran off to chuck, and was a 5 minute job (courtesy of pain numb cream).

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well, it was towards the bottom and I hadn’t clicked on all of the links yet…

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On a side note, I don’t know if it’s just me, but my body itself seem to have become completely unconcerned with implants: the first one was a major affair that took two weeks to stop looking worrying, with massive swelling, internal bleeding that went half-way up my arm and numbed my fingers enough that I felt the need to get checked out at the hospital (although the piercer made a mess and probably nicked a large vessel). The second one swelled up a bit for a week but nothing out of the ordinary. Then the following chips went in with barely any reaction at all. Only the one I did in my foot the other day bled a bit internally, but that resolved itself within a day.

It’s almost as if my body had realized there’s no point in panicking :slight_smile:

That means good news for the next one then: Apex.

(I know we are waiting for payment capability but I’m so excited about it!)

To be fair, my Apex Flex (beta) was in pretty rough shape for a week or two. It was poor technique due to being a new procedure.