Dad wants to install my first implant for me. Tips or videos to follow?

What do you mean by that? Was your hand botched? Was the implant’s pocket too small? How did it resolve itself?

Hahaha, nah, it’s in my arm above the wrist a little. The piercer didn’t have the 4g needle to put it in, so used a 6g needle and a 4g taper… highly unpleasant. The normal half-moon from a needle was interrupted so it was a bitch to close, went through a few steristrips.

Yikes. Note to self: Get the proper tools

It’s in.
Haven’t taken that band-aid off yet to see how it is but it reads with my mom’s phone and the kbr1!


Well done @MTFT 's Dad



Oh, and @MTFT

tenor (25)



1 day after. I think the tip of the NExT is a bit close to the incision site but it doesn’t seem to be rejecting so it’s probably fine

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Congrats man! I’m so excited for you! Thoughts on how it went? I want to hear everything.

Sorry, was busy earlier.

Ok, you asked, here’s your wall of text.

Well, we went over to the house of my dad’s work friend that also happens to be the sports teams doctor.
We get Chick-fil-A on the way and they chat for a while when we get there.
After a bit we go to the kitchen table, she reads over the pro guide while dad goes to the bathroom and washes his hands (I also washed and we were all wearing masks because, well…)
We’ve delayed this a couple of times now so I’ve had plenty of time to think too much and get a little nervous so I kinda just look to the side as he does it with the doctor friend supervising.
As he goes in (after wiping my hand with the chlora prep wipes) it hurt about twice as bad as drawing blood, maybe like a really bad bee sting. Then it didn’t really feel like much at all once it was in.
I wish I looked at how far in he went because I’ve been paranoid that it’s currently sitting so close to the entry (a couple of millimeters if even).
He deposited and pulled out at the same time as per the instructions and I held the gauze for a bit.
I don’t think I held pressure long enough because the bandage had a fair amount of blood when I took it off later.
We then used a bandage she had around because we thought the one in the kit was WAY to big.
Loiter a bit longer and chat, go home read with moms phone, read with kbr1 (both read well and still do). Read later with xEM controller, also good. Next day (yesterday by now, it’s past midnight) bandage off, still reads fine, no swelling or anything. Later I somehow opened the wound again with a pillow and it started bleeding a tiny bit (don’t ask how, I don’t know) and put a new bandage on it. It’s felt more bruised when I touch it since then but I’ll leave it bandaged for tonight, shower in the morning, and cover it again for work. And report back after.


Just to keep the updates going for those interested, it’s monday (installed Saturday), and it looks less like a hole and more like a discoloration. Fears of rejection are waning.


Yeah! That looks great! Just fyi for future installs, you may need to start further away and push the needle deeper as it’s both the cutting and placing tool. You need to make the pocket about the length of the needle. Check out the giant flex needle thread. I cant find it right now, but it shows the idea. It’s way bigger, but it has a marking for how deep it needs to go. It’s the same, just smaller for x series.

I wasn’t looking at the time but if he does the apex or anything else, I’ll let him know.

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Update: a week and 5 days after install its still pretty invisible and I’ve started using the hand again. the scab is slowly healing

however, if i clench my fist the right way:

it actually shows pretty well, and also feels slightly sore now that I’ve been playing with it a bunch but nothing concerning