Dangerous Discord

As some of you may know @MouSkxy started an unofficial discord server for this community a while ago. It’s become a great space to casually chat and have conversations that do not quite fit in a forum environment, and we would love more of you awesome people to join!

come join us

Having said that the forum will always the best place for support questions as it allows the knowledge base to grow in this central location.

To join, just click the below link and then check out the #rules channel and agree to the rules to be granted full access.

The admin team of the server (@MouSkxy, @Pilgrimsmaster, @Devilclarke, and myself) have put some effort into organizing the server recently with things such as:

  • Basic rules
  • Channel organization
  • Custom bot that is slowly developing
  • Reputation roles like the forum (Soon™ to be automated)

If you have any issues joining please feel free to message myself or one of the other discord admins we will get you sorted ASAP.

sorting hatt

@amal if you have an issue with us promoting the discord feel free to remove this :slight_smile:

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Nope no issue… well, maybe one. My only issue is that I can’t join it. I’d get nothing done if I was on it with you fine people.


@amal on the discord


Is there some internet drama that I’m unaware of that led to the creation of this splinter forum?

I’ve been a member of Slashdot almost since the beginning, and when SoylentNews was created, I happily joined as well. But that means I now have to visit two site to engage in similar conversations. The lazy side of me isn’t terribly impressed with that.

Similarly, I’m not sure I’d want to have to visit two DT forums to discuss essentially the same things. What’s the added value of the splinter DT forum?

It’s not a replacement for the forum, it more is just a place for us like-minded individuals to chat. I personally find the forum style communication is not so easy to just chat… It was originally just for a CTF team but it grew past that.

Of course you can. Just use a fake nick - I suggest Lama Artsfarg :slight_smile: Also, you’ll have to introduce yourself as a newbie and pretend you’re looking for the best implant to pay for things, and ask what chip is best for you - and maintain the charade for a little while. Possibly even ask for help because aliens are remote-controlling you :wink:


Okay. I suppose it don’t cost nothing to come check it out.


Think of it more like the DT chat room?

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Yeah okay. So it’s IRC, but with an interface made for the Twitter generation.

I joined, and I tried to navigate the thing, but I can’t make heads or tails of the interface. Also, I don’t see the point. I like the written form on forums.

Sorry, I guess that’s not for me.


Thats fine, it won’t be for everyone.

Some quick guidance for those in need
If you did want to join you should land in the welcome channel, with a message and link to the rules section read and agree them after that you can join the fun.

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Yeah, basically. It’s multiple channels for topics, here is the main band, but it’s good for out-of-channel comms.


But what is the best payment chip? I also need it to start me car and open doors. If I can use it for 2FA that would be even better. Both hf and lf, maybe even uhf. Just one implant please. K thx bye

Oooh, all good Ideas


But in all seriousness, I am just waiting for 2FA with the new Apex chips. I currently use my Garmin but would love an embedded solution


Joined but it tells me read only

A lot of servers require you to be a member for a certain amount of time before you can post in a channel.
Some channels can also be Read-Only indefinitely, to convey server rules etc.

Did you try :arrow_double_up:?


The invite is set for temporary membership if you leave before agreeing to the rules it removes you.


Hello, sorry for bump. I joined the server, but did not get PM’ed the captha by the bot and cannot use the welcome-room channel :confused: Please help

You got a PM

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Sorry for the bump as well. Same issue as above: did not get a capcha by the bot and thus can’t accept rules and so on.