Dangerous Things Desfire NFC-Implantat flexDF2

On November 14th, 2019 I had the Flex implanted in the edge of my right hand.
I only had one link. As a test, interested parties were able to show the advantage of this implant by quickly finding it.
Suddenly, the chip cannot be found overnight. No reader, no cell phone (Iphone, Samsung etc.) finds it. There was no blunt violence. Has anyone experienced this before?
@amal what can i do?

I work try to get an x-ray to check if it did move by any chance. If you can’t feel it of course.

I have expressed myself somewhat unclear. it’s a flex … I can hike a flex. I feel this flex and I also know where the antenna and receiver are. but it’s downright dead. You can’t read it and you can’t describe it.

@mdanger I’ve talked with Thomas via Facebook messenger and he has a flexDF2 that has failed. I want to ship him a replacement so he can schedule a swap-out. He will ship the failed unit back to us for analysis.

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