DangerousNFC 2.0

Might I propose a normie mode? DT doesn’t really have a non techie app. I was thinking something like the setup of a google home, where you can choose the device your setting up and walks you through it. I can create some image mockups if you want. I’m not super great at coding, but I might try my hand at the idea. It shouldn’t be too bad, just like a tree’d menu.

You could have that as the default with the real functionality would be behind a slider in settings. It would just kill a flock with a few stones.


Just an update here. I’ve been working on mockups for DangerousNFC2.0, but got a bit bogged down by an update to BioCom, as well as work getting in a mini-crunch for a minute, but I’m gonna be posting some rough UI stuff soon.


no prob… did a “reboot” of the repo… cleaned out some stuff and set to public. DM me for details if you want.

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