Deadbolt lock that works with NExT

Hey everyone and thanks in advance for all the help! I have been hanging around the Discord for a while and am really enjoying this amazing community.

First of all, I got my NExT implant about 2 weeks ago and have been loving it! I’m able to get consistent reads and I was able to set it up with my xAC access controller v2 and put a vCard on it.

I’m in the market for a new deadbolt lock right now, but haven’t been able to find any that work with my NExT how I would like it to. I’m hoping that maybe one of you will know of a lock that I need.

I’d like to be able to use my NExT with the hf side able to be scanned by phones to share contact, as well as using the lf side to open my garage with the access controller. Because of this I have realized that the lock will probably have to use the UID only. I have a proxmark on the way but not sure if that will help because the NExT has to remain in EM mode to use the access controller.

I have been looking at the Samsung locks but have seen that the SHS-3321 is not longer working with the implants. This is a problem because the SHS-3321 is the only Samsung lock I can find available online to buy. If I was to buy another Samsung lock used from Ebay that is listed as compatible would it work with my use case? could I still use the access controller and share contact info? I’m also open to non-samsung locks as well.

I know you guys probably get these posts all the time, but any help is appreciated and I’m happy to be part of the “cyborg club!”

Wait a few weeks…

On Tuesday I will hopefully get some answers about the TownSteel E-smart 5000 it’s a Grade 2 deadbolt with wifi or Bluetooth, a keypad and RFID.

They allegedly use MiFare compatible cards and they are about $250.

Dennis Ma (owner of TownSteel) is talking live to a bunch of locksmiths on Tuesday. If it sounds good I will probably order one for testing.

(The E-smart 4000 also has RFID but my usual supplier doesn’t carry it and the price point is probably only around $10 lower)

There is also a list of compatible products that @Pilgrimsmaster maintains, if you don’t like the idea of waiting a couple of weeks.