Deadlift the day after

Hello everyone! Now, I know this wasn’t smart timing on my part, and I should’ve waited at least another day. None the less, I got my first implant today, a NExT. Tomorrow morning, however, i need to do one max deadlift for my college coach. Is there any chance this will cause the implant to move or do anything else that wouldnt be good?

In short, yes. It won’t hurt you or mess things up I think, but that might shift it.

On the other hand, it has a fair chance to move within the next few weeks anyway. You might just hasten the process.

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Thank you! I wasn’t supper worried, but figured I’d ask to make sure. I work at a warehouse job anyways, so it’s already got that against it.

Don’t sweat it too much. DT chips aren’t coated, so many of them end up settling somewhere else than where you dropped them with the needle. And that’s fine: if that’s where they want to go, just let them. It happens to blue and white collars alike.

Unless you subject it to something really rough, you’ll most likely be fine.

Short answer is it’s not recommended. @anon3825968 is right that it shouldn’t be a major issue.

The thing to keep in mind is with any implant, you have to be prepared for the fact that it might need to come out - it could move to where it isn’t meant to be, it could break, it could complicate another medical procedure and they want it out of the way, if you get a magnet and need an MRI they may want it out…

By deadlifting you’re increasing your chances of needing it removed, how much by I’m not sure. Probably still unlikely, but if you do need it removed it’s not a big deal either (just expensive to buy an implant for one day use!)

Actually what I said was that it probably won’t be a major issue :slight_smile:

I find that very unlikely after 24 hours (if the pocket created by the needle was made long enough anyway). I mean the implant I got in my foot backed up past the implant point and rammed against the fascia layer without coming out the needle hole after a mere 12 hours.

As for breakage, if he puts enough force to break it, it’ll break regardless of whether it was implanted yesterday or a year from now.

Nah, I think it might just move, is all. But yeah, it’s not recommended.

That was a bad typo! Fixed!

To clarify, I don’t think deadlifting is going to break it, and you’re right that force would break it regardless of how long it’s been in, but it’s possible a weird muscle move could drive it into a bone or migrate in an unnatural way before the body has a chance to encapsulate it. I’m sure 99% of the places it could move to will be fine, so it’s unlikely to be an issue but still just something to be aware of.

Basically I wouldn’t stress and just do what you need to do, but if it does migrate badly, cause a lot of pain, or you’re worried about it after the lift - that’s the point where I’d go to a doctor instead of a forum!