Debit Card problems


I placed the following order. Order #9628.

Unfortunately I have a problem with my debit card regarding some fraudulent transactions. I need to cancel all my transactions and get a new card. I definitely don’t want to include your cool company in that list. Can you please cancel my order and reverse the transaction or whatever so I can cancel these other bastards. I’m sure I will order again at a later date.

High Regards,

Kirk Stalnaker

Hey there, sorry to hear that!

I’ve had it happen several times. Any fraud department will be able to handle separating the good from the bad transactions… they just ask you which ones are fraud and which are legit, cancel your card so no further harm can be done, and send you a new one. All legit transactions that are completed will remain good, and any fraudulent transactions are reversed. Just talk to your card’s fraud department and they’ll get it all sorted for you.

Amal :wink:


I’m sorry I was dishonest and tried to shift responsibility from me to my bank but in honesty I would like to cancel the transaction because I can no longer afford it due to some unexpected. I am a big fan of the direction you are heading with everything. I was just trying to save face (which is silly now that I think about it). I hope you can accommodate my request. If so I will most definitely be back to purchase the same (or better) chip and other items in the NEAR future. I apologize again for an dishonesty I was just trying to keep an ‘ugly’ post of your forum.

High Regards,

Kirk Stalnaker

Ah yeah man, no problem. I can reverse it easy. I may need to take 3% off the refund since Stripe no longer refunds processing fees for refunds (dicks)… so a total of $199.77 refund. Is that ok?

Oh hey… haha I just logged into Stripe to check the refundability of the transaction and it said it was already in process due to NSF code at the bank, so whatever goes back to you is already in process… should be all sorted out in the next couple business days.

Well Stripe is being confusing, so I just initiated a refund for $199.77… we’ll see how it plays out :confused: Why is finance so lame sometimes?

Thanking you sir,

You went above and beyond so thanks a lot. Why is finance lame? I know that’s a rhetorical question but just for fun.

Philosophically speaking, I think it’s because money is a finite thing and our experience in life tells us that it is what SEEMS infinite that is truly valuable. Love, life, time etc. Of course these things are NOT infinite. Our brains have a way of rounding off when things are uncountable (ie. moments of life, seconds our lifetime etc). Just a theory for fun and food for thought.

As your Idol Arnold S. Once said. “I’ll be back!”

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Hey Amal,

Sorry if this msg is redundant by tomorrow but does a refund take 3 business days usually? If so that’s good and it should (in theory) be in tomorrow. If not maybe we should take another run at refunding or something? I’m still down for that deal :wink:

Also saw your spot on Morning Show in Australia, I’m an OZ. Progressive bunch aren’t we. Funny, that term progressive isn’t even used in Australia when majority of people are open minded it’s called normal :smirk:. Complex place over here. Get the same feeling trying to run my life as I do when dealing with spaghetti code except people don’t like being debugged and can’t be re-compiled.

Also can you tell me more about when the VivoKey will be available? The one that can store bitcoin in your arm? That is sic.


Hah awesome. Welcome mate! :slight_smile:

VivoKey is a moving target still. I won’t have firm dates until I have chips from NXP. That’s the crux right now. When I do get them, it will be roughly 30 days until I can launch a private beta and start batch production for that beta program.

I think I’m going to wait for that beta program. I was interested in the RFID but as we discussed it really can’t help my current situation but the VivoKey would be twice as cool and actually helpful. Hope this is not a disappointment. I’ll be waiting for the release of Vivokey.


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