Deciding on a sensing biomagnet

Hi all,

Trying to decide on a fingertip sensing magnet. Ideally, I’d like a Titan or it’s next generation (if that’s going to be a thing? I’m a little confused on the circumstances around the Titan right now).

But, since that’s not available I figure I have a couple choices:

  • Waiting for a Titan.
  • Buying second hand.
  • Buying a different product.

I’d like to avoid a xG3 in the finger, particularly since the V1 isn’t available anymore. So, I’m kinda stuck on where to go next. Thoughts?


Amal has talked about the circumstances regarding the Titan in the DT Club. As has been said elsewhere, there is no ETA on the Titan’s return. It’s not even in the much reviled Soon™ category.


Thanks for the clarification!

I as well as many others will advise against a fingertip install for the Xg3

It is however an amazing magnet for sensing.


Does that include the V1? I’ve heard that the diametric opposition instead of axial means it spins, and you don’t get nearly as much sensation/movement.

E: Meant v2. Sorry!

i have the V2, and i can definately feel it moving around and sensing things with it. but i also have it in my fingertip.


I’m going to be with augmentation limitless as they set up their new lab and encapsulation processes. They have a lot of experience, but they’re using two part biocompatible resins which can be difficult to dial in. If I’m comfortable with their process and the results of testing I’ll be willing to recommend that as a solution for sensing magnets. I doubt it will be as good as the titan, but available and reliable beats out unavailable and ideal