Delayed Installation of FlexDF

Received FlexDF in January and promptly put it aside because of personal issues. Now that I am ready to have it surgically inserted, I have a question about the packaging. The FlexDF was delivered in a small glass container with a very tiny amount of liquid coating the bottom of the container. Does that mean the liquid has been evaporating over time? Is it still sterile? The chip itself is copper colored, not yellow as in the online images. Is that correct? I don’t want to implant it if there are deterioration problems because my delay. Thanks!

The vial does not come filled. How little is in there?
The implant is part copper so it should look copper.

It should be fine. Post some pics.

I’m sure it’s totally fine.

If it’s deteriorating inside the sealed container then can you imagine how it would behave in your body? I don’t think Amal would have made it this way.

This is how mine came and have had no issues with it being implanted.