Delivery problem

I ordered an implant last Thursday.
On Express order.

It’s Monday, I still haven’t received the package.
I contacted DHL, they don’t have a package in my name.

I ordered the flexnext LED.

The package should have arrived today, since there was the weekend.

Is it possible that you can check if the package has been sent?

Would be better if you use the orange help button on the main page.
Hope you get it soon!


To send a help message, you have to prove that you are not a robot.

Cars must be identified on images.

The problem is that you have to respond to a bunch of images, it’s endless, and in addition, most of the images are blurred or poorly framed.

Have any flexNExT been shipped yet, what color did you order?

Try the email?

Failing all that @amal @mdanger

I ordered five days ago, flexnext as well, and did not receive any shipping information yet - strangely enough, the item was marked as “available” in the store and as “backordered” in my order, so I am not sure if they are currently out of stock or not…

And, I’m always so stupid with my timing - one or two days after I made my order (at, ksec had them available as well. Sitting here in europe. Siiiiigh^^ Anyway, hope my little shiny thingy comes over soon :smiley:

As I understand it the jumbo flexs are made to order, the in stock probably indicates that they have the parts (but that is just a guess). In the USA where DT is based it was a long weekend so 3 of those days I doubt DT was open. Also I think the Amal makes them then ships them to Michelle who thanks to COVID is running the whole fulfillment center herself so instantaneous fulfillment of orders seems unrealistic. :man_shrugging:


to be clear… basically all flexnext and flexmt are backorder products at this point… made to order yes, until i can make enough to keep up with all you. ksec is pre-order, they have no inventory yet because i’ve not made enough and we’ve not shipped to them yet.

also, while working on flexnext inventory, i managed to pop out a few of these little things… just the nfc nail led only (in biopoly).

Since you are clearly not busy Amal :wink:

What is the range difference between the NFC Nail and xLED?

I knew somebody was going to ask, so I thought, “Why not me?”

very hard to give a straight answer because the xLED has a fundamentally different antenna, so range will vary drastically depending on the reader you’re interacting with, as well as the normal orientation issues. For example, the ACR122U has a specific spot where xLEDs perform pretty well… but no such spot exists for basically any other readers or phones. The ACR122U has a very unique antenna design with ground planes built to constrain and shape the field… very strange, but effective. Take one apart and check the PCB, you’ll see what I mean.

But, you asked, so here’s my totally unfair and basically pointless comparison on the ACR122U;

xLED; 15mm
nfc nail; 30mm
nfc nail on flexnext; 55mm

These are the “light points” where the LED starts to light up, not max brightness… but it’s typically only a few less mm to achieve max brightness, depending on the LED characteristics involved.

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