Delivery time for xNT

What is the expected delivery time for the product? I plan to order the xNT chip and I was planning on putting it in over Christmas (while I have a two week break from martial arts, to make sure my hand is healed before I get knocked about again…) Is it too late to get an order delivered to Montreal before Christmas?
Thank you.

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Hi @Luke

Just for reference, I placed an order on Nov 27th and received it on Dec 10th, I’m near Toronto. I figure it wouldn’t be too much difference going to Montreal.

It might be hit-or-miss tho for xmas, the way canadapost has been lately?

Good luck! :smile:

Thank you!

Hi Luke,

We endeavor to ship same day and right now are making several trips to the post office or drop off at DHL, which ever you desire. We are about to bring DHL online as an option for shipping during checkout. In the meantime, if you would like like this option, just drop me a note. We have extended the sale to the end of the month so everyone has the advantage of ordering what they desire.

Thanks Violet for the feedback on shipping, we always appreciate your input and assistance in the forum :slight_smile: