Desfire 8k, when you write multiple items, passive scan doesn't seem to read

I had written one URL to my desfire 8k NFC chip and that went all well and fine, but when I added a second item (like my contact info), it no longer reads from the passive IOS reader and you have to pull it up in an app. Is this standard behavior just because it doesn’t want to have to obviously make someone choose which one to open or is there a way I can select something as a primary that will still be able to scan from passive NFC scanning…


Not sure specifically on Desfire but according to Apple, the first URL record (including call, text and email links) will be the one triggered - multiple records shouldn’t affect it but only the first link will trigger the banner.

It’s a dull read, but you can find details here:

This behaviour lines up exactly with what I see with my NExT (multiple records) on my iPhone 11 Pro


Interesting! I have 2 items on and it won’t trigger the first URL record, or any unless I use tag info or something to read the multiple records. Maybe I need to try formatting and starting again. It’s not like it’s anything special, I was messing around adding different records and when I added the second one nothing wanted to trigger.


Older versions of Android exhibit the same behavior: if you have more than one record, it doesn’t do anything.
If you want to stay compatible with as many cellphones as possible, stick to a single record.

Or use the desfire 8K with its larger storage to keep multiple records for use with more advanced apps, and then get a second chip, like the NExT for compatability and sharing a single record with most devices.


Thanks! I’ll stick to multiple records for advanced apps and I’ll use my NeXT for the others. Thank you all for the suggestions!

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