Desfire replace

I have a badge based on a Desfire for my working place but I can’t have access to programmation computer. I would like to know if I have a chance to use an implant to replace this badge or not. First answer that we gave me, it’s no … I hope a last chance :-/

Without acces to enroll, I’m afraid the answer would be no :slightly_frowning_face:
However, If you can provide some more specifics about the access system, there may be some alternative implants that could work…

Another option would be to convert the badge chip into an implant

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okay why not but I don’t know if it’s possible, I don’t know if I can have the chip inside my card …

How can I optain this informations ?without asking professional informaticien ?

Do you know if your DESFire card is a 4Byte or 7Byte?

Can you provide us with some system information; Photos of readers / card/ fobs etc.
The more you provide the more we can help.

If you are happy to share your card information, this is also what I would recommend

I would recommend a test card bundle or at the least one or both of these

You will need a NFC capable phone to program the Gen2a or a proxmark3 that will do both the gen1 and gen2

If one of those work, then you could consider a FlexM1 gen1 or gen2a or if the gen1 works you may also consider an xM1

If they fail to work,

You could try the corresponding one of these cards

If one of those work, then it would still need to be a conversion

Amals suggestion above for conversion is actually probably the best option for your situation, the hardest part would be the fact that you would have to be without your card for a period of time if that is possible.

One other option is the FlexMN but lets leave a pin in that one for now :pushpin:


Have you tried talking to security at your work place?

If they are willing to enroll an implant for you then it will mean that they can unenroll your pass. In addition they improve security as you can’t lose your implant. At the moment if someone else finds your pass they have access. If your pass becomes just an id card then it doesn’t allow anyone access, and unless you lose your implant :unicorn_shock_surprise: you are your access pass.

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No and I’m not sure that they are okay … I work in chemical lab

And? They can still remove your access from their system just as easily.

With them allowing use of your implant:

  • Your access is harder for someone else to use.
  • Can be disabled just as easily
  • Cannot be loaned to someone else or lost
  • Your current pass can be disabled

I only see advantages for them for improved security. They might require you to still wear your inactive pass for identification purposes.

The fact that you work in a Chemical lab is irrelevant to any of that. I used to work in a Nuclear physics lab. You using an implant as a pass does not reduce security in any way.


in nuclear physic lab oww okay. I completly agree with you, but they haven’t the same point of view… Unfortunatly … ANd you, have you use your implant when you work in your lab ? how have you done to register your card in this way ? I’m curious

But after, I’m completly agree with you, I think that it’s better but Biohacking is not is not yet well seen :-/

No, I do not have an implant yet. I do not currently need one for access anywhere.

I would however try talking to security if I needed to use a pass. Even just raising it as a theoretical possibility would be a start. If they do turn you down, maybe they will accept the next person to try.

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