DesFire timeline and address change

Hey what’s up,

New to biohacking. But, I ordered the FlexDF and I just wanted to ask what the typical timeframe would be to wait for the next batch of DF chips. I also wanted to see if there was any way to update my shipping address for the order since I wasn’t too sure on the delivery process…

All flexDFs have all shipped out and you should have received your order by now. I do have to ask… if you’re new to biohacking, why would you choose to start with an advanced, beta product like the flexDF?

Well, I guess I shouldn’t say I’m completely new to biohacking haha. I already have an RFID chip in my hand which I’m currently trying to use for a locking mechanism. I was hoping to try out an NFC chip afterwords for both phone and payment applications, but I noticed that the flexNT would have a higher transpondence as opposed to the xNT. I was unsure how the xNT implant’s signal would be relayed through my skin, but I figured the FlexNT would send out the more viable signal once in vivo. However, I chose the flexDF due to its more secure interface despite being a beta product. But then again, due to the product having such as status, would you say it would’ve been more preferable to have started with something simpler such as the FlexNT or the xNT?

That makes sense… the flexDF offers much better security options. Leveraging those options will not be so straightforward… but if you’re a developer/programmer it shouldn’t be too difficult.

That’s entirely up to you. The flexNT and flexDF have a similar level of difficulty when it comes to installation, so if you were making the choice between flexNT and flexDF… I’d say it comes down to the applications you want to use it for, and your level of risk tolerance for installing a beta product. The beta aspect of the flexDF comes down to the encapsulation method… I have identified some tweaks I’d like to make to the process to make encapsulation better and lower the risk of possible coating failure… but those changes have not been designed or implemented yet… so the product is still considered “beta”.