Detected my card type and cloned it, now to pick a chip!

Super happy with my new PM3. The guide was unbelievably easy to follow, and an absolute blast to do.

Ive got an LF HID Prox ID. From what I understand these are pretty common and easy to clone. I’ve already cloned successfully to one of the T557 cards included with the PM3 (ty DT <3) and was super pleased with how easy it was.

At this point, I have all my ducks lined up. After walking into 3 different shops I was able to find someone who was not only willing to install, but has installed before. He’s not listed on the map, so i’ll definitely ask him about getting put on there as he’d be the only one in my state.

My original chip choice was the NExT, and I believe that it’d still be the prime candidate. I haven’t really thought of much beyond using it as a keycard, but if I understand correctly it has a lot of “variety” and possibilities for expansion. When I decide I want to delve into putting websites or medical info, this chip should allow for that right?

I suppose at this point i’m just looking for some validation in my chip choice.


Definitely a great idea! Would help others a lot.

I would agree. You need a T5577 anyways, to clone your HID prox. Assuming you’re only looking at glass implants (x-series implants, also called glassies), that only leaves the xEM or the NExT. The xEM is only the T5577 chip, while the NExT also includes an HF NTAG216 chip, that’ll let you write data with your phone. Website links, contact info, etc.

Might as well get the 2-in-1 :wink:


yep youre 100% correct, the HF side of the NExT will serve you well for any NDEF information you wish to place on it and the t5577 will work for your HID token. good research comrade.


NExT definitely sounds like what you are looking for to solve this goal.

I might suggest looking at the bundles before hitting the checkout button. I wish I had had foresight to realize I would be wanting more at the time. :rofl:

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I’m eyeing them up for suuure. Just unsure as to what I would use more than one for. My unofficial gameplan is to get the one just to see how I like it, and if I ever buy another I’ll just get a bundle.

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I would also consider the fact that your reader, might not pick up on it.

At work they switched mine. Yeah I got permission to register it, but it was pointless if it can’t scan.

I hope it works for you

I have a NExT at L0 and am using an HID ProxPoint Plus behind glass with no issue whatsoever.

Not sure how to embed video on this forum, but here’s a video for anyone who is curious


Awesome video! Im pretty sure I’m dealing with the exact same reader, and there’s no barriers so I’m feeling confident. Also, I was kind of worried if it would be awkward scanning and considered getting implanted on the blades edge. But after seeing this, that looks pretty natural and pretty comfortable.

Thanks for sharing!

Glad I could help!

I’ve heard pretty similar things from others but for me it was awkward for the first couple of times and then one day it just clicked and I can get it first time almost every time. /shrug